Hello, my name is Julie W. Tran, and I'm a writer. I'm 45 and have a family of my own including me, my husband, and two children. I used to read my kids fairy tales, but then I began to give the children riddles as they grew older. I had to look on the Internet for riddles since it was hard to find them. The most intriguing riddles to test children's intelligence, logic and logic on https://riddlesbest.com/. Funny and challenging, straightforward and complex. Literature is an integral part of our lives from childhood through into old age. Every person chooses what is significant to them: to read or write. So my decision from the age of a child was easy. The presence of talent, obviously, was crucial, however, whether it was a good thing or not, you will be able to understand it only later. After I had read a few books, I felt a strong desire to write.

It all started in my early years due to the birth of my sister. Here I decided to do my first experiment with the pen. The period was tough for us as a family in terms of finances and it was not feasible to purchase expensive books. We barely had enough money to eat, and then the New Year holidays were coming. Although I was still a kid at the time, I realized that there was another younger child in our family who could not be left without a present. So I took on the task and gave myself. The story I wrote left an impression, even though I was scared and ashamed. The little handmade book is preserved at home with my sister. The memory is there and, when there's any kind of memory, then that person continues to live in the mind of another person and I'm sure that few would not agree with that. Then I realized that my childhood desire to become a writer could be fulfilled at a later age.

Each year, writing was my favorite activity. Coming home from school, I would take a pen and paper and start writing down what I had experienced during the day or make comments about the movie I went to or the book I read. In the end, I wrote an essay about what I think is the purpose of my existence. I'm sure you'll not believe what I accomplished, but it was mine. I put all the knowledge I had at the time and my whole heart into it.

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